Welcome to smokefree schools

Nga Kura Auahi Kore

This website offers information, ideas and resources to help schools/kura develop and promote a smokefree school community.

A school community has a commitment to supporting the health and       well-being of all its members.

By working together as staff, boards of trustees, students, parents, families, whānau, and other community members, you can support the people in your community to develop a smokefree lifestyle.


A smokefree school is more than a sign on the gate. Here are some tips to help you get started

  • It's about a smokefree lifestyle for the whole school community. How smokefree is your school? Take the questionnaire.
  • Get inspiration from other schools experience.  Watch a video and read the stories.
  • Smokefree policies and procedures have been proven to reduce student smoking but they are just one part of a whole-of-school approach. Read the Guide to a Smokefree School for the practical steps your school can take.
  • Are your staff and students struggling to quit smoking?  Schools can help students by treating smoking as a health issue rather than a disciplinary issue. Find out about how to support your students and staff to quit.
  • Use the resources on this site - curriculum, research, posters and fact sheets. Our favourite is the Protective Factors poster.


The Health Promotion Agency's smokefree schools project provides strategic leadership advice and support to:

  • increase awareness and understanding within schools that smoking is a significant public health issue
  • support schools to effectively address the issues of taking up smoking and quitting
  • increase the range of best practice Smokefree/Auahi Kore resources that are available to meet the needs of schools.

If you have any feedback on this website or issues you wish to raise contact us.



News Bites

Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 is just 10 years away - make a difference in your community by introducing (or revisiting) the Smokefree Schools resources in your school  in 2015.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Order a Student Journal for each student to work through and a set of laminated storycards - FREE by completing the details at Contact us. In the Comments section, please list the items and quantities you require and don't forget to tell us where to send the resources to.

Staying Smokefree / Te Noho Auahi Kore (teachers guide) and Our Smokefree School / He Kura Auahi Kore (Practical Guide to being a Smokefree Community) are available as PDF, Word, and MP3 files for download on this site - just click on the Resource Centre tab. If you need ideas on how practical ways to get going, please contact us, too.